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These are properties that I have personally done. I was the Realtor on the first two properties. I was the contractor on all of these projects and dealt with all the inspections and negotiations on all these properties. These properties were all profitable and did very well. We can get all the work done and make sure we have a successful sell at the end. 350+ properties and counting.

If you want to flip these types of properties please call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier and Jarrett Signature Homes or Email Me

Also 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona

Sold For $174,900 Purchased for $112,500

Sold For $143,900 Purchased for $64,000

Sold for $174,900 Purchase for $94,900

Sold for $130,900 Purchased for $41,000

This Home Sold for $340,000 In Orange Village Sold in 20 Days

This Home Sold for $221,400 in Rocky River Sold in 62 Days

This Property Sold For $215,000 in Strongsville Ohio Sold in 1 Day

This Property Sold for $174,500 in Lakewood Ohio Sold in 39 days

This Property Sold for $136,100 right by railroad tracks in 94 Days

This Property was sold for $240,000 in Orange Ohio sold in 128 Days

This property Sold for $382,000 in Solon Ohio sold in 23 Days

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Income real estate in Chandler Az.

Found a nice vacant property that is a 3 bedroom 2 bath that will rent for Approx $1150-$1200 a month! The property is in the $180,000 range.  In a great neighborhood and should rent very quickly. These should be great areas to build equity in the future also.  This property could also be sold on a lease option.  Let’s go over the approx numbers

We will assist in helping find a tenant and or Property Manager if needed.


Taxes____________$   63
Insurance_________$   60
P/M_____________$  120

Approx net proceeds_____$932 a month

This is a great area and the home will be low maintenance. Call Brett 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona

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The Best Markets For Investing In Single-Family Homes Right Now.

This is the question that investors are pondering everyday were to buy.  

The Cleveland and Phoenix Metro areas are. The reason I think that is both the quality of real estate and the rents you can get.  I looked at one in Solon Ohio yesterday and the price of the home was $1500 a month.  After taxes, insurance, and Property management this property would net over $1100 a month.

The flip market is also very healthy here.  The inventory is light but we get our fair share.  We look at homes daily to help fill our clients needs.Cleveland Metro has a lot of great areas to buy in.

The cost of the home was $129,900, I think we could get it for $125,000.  This area is a very nice area that all the amenities I always talk about.  The key also is the quality of tenant you will get in these types of homes.

Also the areas that I am talking about has equity growth  Most of the areas are seeing 3%-7% equity growth.  All areas are seeing higher properties on as is type deals.

Cleveland has a vast amount of quality real estate that offers all the upscale amenities. The area also offers excellent school systems that families can get addicted to.

Phoenix has a great flip market and huge buyer pool.  Getting a home there is hard but when you do….it’s great! We have a unique auction system that gets us new housing inventory daily. I have an active buyer that offers on homes that make sense until we get one.

Want the best markets and properties in Ohio and Arizona call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona 

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Flip Property we just finished

Here is a property we just finished in Avon Lake.  Check out the before and after video of this property.  Jarrett Signature Homes really keeps quality in our work.  This property was totally remodeled.  We just put this one the market and the client is very happy with the work and cost of the project.  We finished this home in 8 weeks. Call Brett 216-703-5740 to purchase or rehab your property.

Before Video

After Video

Call Brett to get the great properties for your portfolio. 216-703-5740

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6 Advantages of Real Estate Investing

I found this story at http://www.entrepreneur.com/ by Brandon Turner that talks about some important advantages to Real Estate investing.  I wanted to go over a couple of points I like about real estate investing.

#1 Cash flow this is an often used advantage as along as the cash flow happens. Getting a consistent cash flow is the key to the success in Real Estate.  Good cash flow has a couple very important factors that every property you purchase must have.  #1 Location Location Location a huge factor for two reasons.  The first being the better the location the better the tenant selection. The second being the property management of your property.  You need both to get the money you want monthly and build equity in your investment.

#2 Hedge against inflation is another prime reason to have investment real estate.  Real estate prices are high in low inflation and great cash flow in high inflation. I remember in 1985 when I started purchasing real estate in the Phoenix area I bought condos for $15,000 that rented for $800 a month.  That was because of inflation. In the 2000’s when inflation was in check I flipped real estate.  That is what they mean a hedge against inflation.  It protects you in all markets, remember people need a place to live.

#3 Control this is the one I like a lot! You can control your own property there is no other investment that you can do this with.  Like they mention in this story you can rent your property or sale it.  It really depends on the market.  The key as I mentioned before is location of your property.  In order to have control you need to have property in areas that have both high rental demand and high sales demand.  That is very important. I have a property in an excellent area that I will probably sale in 2017.  The prices are going up, I currently make a solid income on my cash flow.

Having the right real estate can do so much for you.  That is what I do is find the gems in the areas that will benefit my clients the most.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker and lets talk about your portfolio and how I can benefit it. We have a great new program that is buying in brand new areas that will benefit you in all markets.

Turn Key Duplex Available w/great cash flow

I have brick single level duplex available that gets $1065 a month in net income after taxes,insurance, and property management.  The property is located in a very nice city.  These types of properties tend to stay rented for a longer period of time. These are the properties you want.

The property is over 2000 sf and a new roof and hot water heater in the last three years.  The central air was replaced in 2008.  This property backs up the metro parks and is close to the freeway. It sits on almost 1/2 acre lot.

There is almost nothing for sale in this area and the available rentals is almost 0.  This is a high demand area. That is why you want to consider this property for your portfolio.  It keeps your income checks consistent. We will also have inspections and get a home warranty with this property.  The home is already rented.

The reason for the longer period is that the people will work in this area and like to be closer to shopping and many other amenities that are in this area. Lets go over the approx numbers.


Rent____________$     1,645
Tax_____________$        315
P/M____________$         165
Insurance________$         100

Net proceeds_____$        1,065 per month

This is a luxury area that will keep you making money for years to come.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker

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Tri-Plex Cash Flow Ready to go

Found a Great Deal on a Tri Plex that is in a superior area. Here is the description

.a three unit, fully tenant occupied
multi-family home that has recent updates and tons of charm! The owner
is offering a home warranty with this listing, as well, valued at over
twelve hundred dollars! The first and second floors feature beautiful
hardwood, fireplaces, a dinette, two bedrooms, a nice sized living
space, and a porch! These apartments are perfect for any tenant who
wants the character of an early 20th century home. The third floor is a
one bedroom unit that also has hardwood floors. There have been many
updates over the past year. Exterior updates include: new paint, tree
work, new 1/4 foundation with footer drain & crock, and new Soffit.
Interior updates include: new vanities, plumbing fixtures (sinks,
toilets, faucets, etc), ceilings over existing ceilings to create sound
gap, light fixtures, appliances, coin operated washer & dryer, new
furnace guts, paint throughout, vinyl blinds, and tile in the dining
room and shower walls. Also new is vinyl flooring in kitchens, landings
and bathrooms. And that’s not all! There are new doors, a new hot water
tank, and new electric service”

Let’s look at the numbers



Taxes________$   260.00
Insurance_____$   100.00
Utilities______$    200.00
PM__________$   168.00

Net Proceeds__$  949.00

Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker 

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Looking for a 2nd home retreat?

The Cleveland Metro area is a great place to have a second home that you can enjoy great Golf or play in Lake Erie ( It looks like an ocean go 40 miles north your in Canada).  I  water skied there a few weeks ago and it was great.  The water was 76 degrees and the waters were calm.

There are two reasons why you should look at buying a second home in these areas.  The first is the affordability.  The prices in these areas are unheard of and the properties are second to none.  The second reason is how nice the amenities and the properties are.

Lets look at a golf course property in Chagrin Falls Ohio (30 minutes outside of Cleveland). I personally golf in a league at Tanglewood Golf Course.  Let’s look at a property that is right on this awesome course you can get for:

“Tanglewood Lake Community with swimming, tennis, golf available. Bright and sunny
condo with two large bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Vaulted great
room open to dining room. Deck and patio provide great space for outdoor
dining, entertaining and relaxing. Finished space in lower level. Two
assigned parking spaces in attached parking garage. Close to shopping
and freeway. “

This property is on the 16th hole which is a par 3, 200 yards.  This property is over 1200 SF 2 Bedroom 2 Bath  a dream home and the community is very upscale and ready for you to relax and have a great time on a very demanding course. This property is only $104,900. That’s to be on a PGA type course with all the amenities click here to view the city
The next property we will look at is on Lake Erie.  My parents purchased a Townhome that has a great Lake View.  I was over there last night with some friends and we had dinner outside looking at Lake Erie. My friends also were getting pictures of the lake and sunset with their new camera.  Lets look at the cost for homes in this area. Click here to view the city
Here is the view from a home you can get for $387,500.  That’s not a mis-print  this property has a ton of amenities and a view to boot. It is over 1700 SF 3 Bed 2 bath Lets look at the description:

Old World Charm awaits you
in this 1925 center hall colonial on the lake! This home is filled with
charm & potential. The entire home has hardwood floors, except
kitchen. Dining room has beautiful French doors leading to porch and
beautiful built-in leaded china cabinets. The living room has a gorgeous
fireplace and views of the lake. The sunroom overlooks the backyard and
water with true Cleveland skyline views. The 3rd floor is filled with
charming dormers & views of the water – this room can be anything
you want, maybe a master suite! The incredibly unique property sits East
of Eagle Cliff Park, a private park for neighboring homes only, your
view is unobstructed and protected!”
 If you looking for a place to come and enjoy in Luxury and activities then you need to look no further.  These properties are available and very affordable.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker..

I want to see these Affordable Luxury homes.

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