As Home Prices Rise, Flippers Make a Comeback

This Article comes from by Kristen Grind and Peter Rudegeair that talks about the flip investors coming back into the market and so are the banks.

“The number of investors who flipped a house in the first nine months of
2016 reached the highest level since 2007. About one-third of the deals
were financed with debt, a percentage not seen in eight years.”

Real Estate is and has been a save haven to make your money grow, the key is getting the right real estate to flip with. The other aspect of flipping is the cost and return.  They are very different in a lot areas.  That is why I service two areas that have very different pricing, Ohio and Arizona. Ohio is less expensive and does have more inventory to buy and Arizona is more money and less inventory.

“Now Wall Street, which was nearly felled by real-estate forays almost a
decade ago, is getting back into the action. A number of banks are
arranging financing vehicles for house-flippers, who buy and sell homes
in a matter of months. The sector is small—participants say roughly
several hundred million dollars in deals have been made in recent
months—but it is expected to keep growing.”

That is a sign that the lending for flips is coming back with the banks. Here is what 1 lender said in this article.

““The floodgates have opened,” says Eduardo Axtle, a 35-year-old former
telecom entrepreneur in Oakland, Calif., who has taken out about 50 home
loans over the past five years. These days, he is bombarded with
unsolicited emails from brokers offering him access to financing, and
fellow flippers invite him to get-togethers that are advertised with
YouTube videos showing off recent projects.”

The key to all this is getting the real estate to flip. That is what I do on an almost daily basis. looking at homes to buy and sell requires a lot of time an effort to find the most profitable properties. My clients move on the properties very quickly and we get real estate.  Our company also manages the real estate through the whole process from purchase to selling.  Going to a final walk through today for a home that is closing Jan 04.

We also chronicle the construction process from start to finish with pictures and video. This allows are clients to see the process and know that their property is getting finished. Click here to see our YouTube Channel. 

Real Estate investors need a great team of professionals to handle some or all the details in purchasing and managing real estate projects. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty I have all the services you need to help you be successful in your real estate investing.


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