How much does the so called real estate experts really know???????

I read a lot of articles and study a lot of charts to try to understand today’s real estate market. It amazes me how they predict real estate and it’s future values. This story at talks about the housing recovering being over! The article was written in 2014 and we know what has happened since.

Some of the Real estate articles are written by companies that do not sell any real estate or deal with it day to day. Fortune Magazine does not give out listings do they? came out with an article that was titled “Here’s proof the housing bubble is about to burst” again written in 2014. It’s all about 1st time home buyers not getting into the real estate market. As a Realtor and someone who watches the streets and reads a ton of articles knew in 2014 that the inventory of homes were low. The other factor was regulations that keep builders from building modest homes. First time home buyers also needed to have financing that was not available to them at the time. Nothing to do with Real Estate it had to do with the circumstances of that time and regulations that strapped lenders. 

The key in all this is in demand and consumer confidence. People want to own homes and have the American Dream. More money is made with real estate than any other investment. The inventory is low but there are new homes being built. Vehicles go up every year, you never hear of a bubble on that?

It is all about financing and how available it is to the consumer. Financing is coming back and home buying will continue to flourish through at least 2018. As a Realtor I understand how difficult it is to purchase a home today. Some are selling in hours or days. People want to have their own homes to live in and it is a great vehicle to create wealth for their family.

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