How to find your niche in Real Estate Investing

Looking for your way to make money through real estate? Finding the right properties and understanding what type of income real estate is your niche. I was with a potential client yesterday morning in Scottsdale Az and we discussed ways for him to invest and what he wanted to do.

I showed him how I am personally investing in real estate and all the other ways i can do it. He also had some investors that needed certain returns on income real estate and needed to know if I could get them.

As I have been saying getting real estate is one thing getting the right real estate is something else. Getting a property takes knowledge and boots on the ground. Looking in hard to find income real estate cities and getting the right properties. Remember most so called expert buying systems require a lot of homes to sale in an one area.  That usually means that area is probably not desirable especially in todays market.  With inventory so low, homes are hard to get in the better areas.

For example we just purchased and rented a home that was literally about the only rental in that area. No homes were available to rent and we had a ton of potential tenants and rented to a quality tenant in 10 days for $1200.

Getting the real estate in areas that have few vacancies gives are clients steady income and longer term tenants in most cases. I have one app for a potential tenant that wants to get a 2 year deal. With the rentals few and far between they want to lock the property for multiple years.

Getting you niche in real estate requires a professional that can give you options that all work. Make sure you look at not only the experts success, but also how many they have done. Look at the amount of properties in the areas you are buying in also.  If there are a lot better beware and take a second look in the tight inventory market.

Call Brett I have done over 1000 income properties from top to bottom.  I am licensed in two states and have all the services you need at my fingertips for your use. 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty


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